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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is blockchain technology?

The term Blockchain comes from the English words “block” and “chain” and represents a method for storage of data in computer network through a continuously growing list of records. Transactions effected in the network are grouped in blocks, which are certified in terms of time, and every block is linked to the previous one.

What is crypto currency?

Crypto currency also comes from English to denote means of exchange based on blockchain technology and cryptography for reporting the transactions and exercising control on the creation of new units.

What is Bitcoin?

The term Bitcoin comes from the English words “bit” and “coin” to denote a payment system with open code based on P2P distributed network architecture, supported by blockchain technology and operating with the unit with the same name – Bitcoin, which is called virtual currency or crypto currency.

What is bitcoin wallet?

The bitcoin wallet is a software, which can be: installed on your computer, uploaded on a flash drive or other removable drive (hardware wallet); used as mobile application for your phone; web site. This program is your connection to the bitcoin blockchain through which you are able to crate your addresses and accept and make payments with bitcoins .